Very unique wolf tattoo geometric

Tattoo artist Brian Woo’s dad wanted him to study medication, Woo’s interest lay focused in making tattoos right from his age 13. Noticing his natural bent of mind, he was sent out for apprenticeship at the reputed Shamrock Social Club in LA. The medical professional happily states that his strategy includes alright line black and grey. According to him, it is the tattoo of a wolf made from his very first set of signature circles and lines that has actually made him popular.

A few of his other popular speculative geometric tattoos are chains on an individual’s shoulder; wood tree on a shoulder; and an owl on a leg. So start looking for shamrock tattoo ideas you always wanted. If you’re trying to search for dr woo art, you have actually land on the amazing blog post. More info: shamrocksocialclub | FacebookInstagram (h/t mymodernmet, nyt)