Very unique manly tea cups

Many of the people who are addicted to a cup of morning coffee and tea; the mugs play an excellent part. If the steaming beverage is the life blood for them, then the mugs are arteries providing that. Everyone enjoys his or her first beverage in the morning in specific mug as it creates a distinct harmony and more so, when these are beautifully designed .

This page highlights 15 innovative designs of mug that consists of slim cups, deal with mug, coffee mug iron etc to search for your designer cup. Scroll down the page for choosing your favorite cup. So check out cups for tea immediately. If you’re browsing for buy cool mugs, you have come on the amazing web page.

1. Coffee Bean Mug

creative-mugs-coffee-beanA mug made from real coffee beans. (Photo by: rctaylorphotography)

2. Fashion Victims



3. Moustache Mugs

creative-mugs-moustache-4(Designer: Petter Bruegger)

4. Snout Cups

creative-mugs-snout-cups(Designer: Jorine Oorsterhoff)

5. Teeth Mug

creative-mugs-teeth(Designer: Megawing)

6. Zipper Cup

creative-mugs-zipper-2A set of zipper cups with elegantly designed opening to hold tea bags. (Designer: Megawing)