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There are procedures by which an individual can alter his/her birth name to other name they find ideal. Some people take this advantage to the farthest limitations of usage possible and land themselves in embarrassment. In this link, you will find pictures of identity cards of separate individuals who have either been called with unusual names by their parents or have actually changed their names to something too hilarious !

Whether this was planned or just an opportunity outcome is tough to ascertain. Nevertheless, their names undoubtedly did land them in serious humiliation and problem. So start searching for interesting email ids right now. If you’re searching for funny id, you have stay on the outstanding web page.

a98088_id_4-disneylandiaDisney Landia!

Longest Brazilian name. (Source)
a98088_id_3-the-wizardThe Wizard. (Source)
a98088_id_1-lord-valmortLord Voldemort has been reincarnated. Now he’s a student at Don Mariano Marcos Elementary. (Source)
a98088_id_2-johnie-walkerI bet he was conceived after a night of alcohol. (Source)