Very stunning lego child

Exhibits are quite cool, but a kid mistakenly ruined an expensive statue at China’s LEGO Exposition. The statue was a huge fox figure of Nick Wilde of Zootopia. Spending 3 days thoroughly piecing the statue through numerous Lego bricks, Zhao never thought it might just take seconds for a student to ruin it completely after pressing it mistakenly within one hour of exhibition ‘s opening in the shopping mall.

He got too near the figure while climbing over the rope to view it plainly. See the images of the figure both until and after it was damaged. So start looking for giant legos for kids now. If you’re trying to search for lego for children, you have actually stay on the cool page.

Artist Zhao spentĀ 3 long days working on a giant Zootopia LEGO sculpture


What can go wrong with the security ropes around the sculpture?


An hour after the exhibition opened, it looked like this