UFO Footages and UFO Sightings 2018 Documentaries

UFO sightings have been a global phenomenon since the rumors of the existence of more superior inhabitants in another planet away from ours. UFO which stands for Unidentified Flying Objects has created a forum of followers who are everywhere ready to document this happening at any time of. Aliens are believed to be the source of these objects, and therefore their sighting acts as evidence of their existence.

There are some UFO sightings 2018 caught on camera, and they have been used in documentaries and in the creation of UFO footages that have seen even National Aeronautics and Space Administration deny their credibility. This has however been seen as a move to cub panic and anxiety of having an alien invasion in the near future as depicted in a number of films about aliens.

In the past years when UFO sightings began to be reported back in 1947 much skepticism was being witnessed as these happenings only relied on the memory of those who saw it and indeed, they were the only witnesses. But nowadays cameras are everywhere, and almost everybody has one at any time of the day; therefore, these objects have been captured in cameras and on videos.

Challenges that come with UFO recording and capturing.

The speed at which these objects move with, most of these UFOs that have not been captured is because they flew past the onlookers at a rate of light. When these objects are caught on camera, the images are in a way distorted by the motion.

The other challenge is the believability of the recording. Once captured a more significant majority are skeptical, and they end up throwing away the tape just because no one could believe it or they got a cooked shallow explanation of what that may be. These have, however, been dealt with through allowing the sharing of such images with the broader internet family for more illustrations.

These sightings have been witnessed mostly at night, this, therefore means few people outside and less visibility due to darkness. This has seen the theory of optical illusion being dangled to cover the real evidence in the footages.


Despite these and many other challenges, there still exist very credible and clear footages of these UFO sightings, and you can watch and read about them in the links given below. The best way to enlighten the world is by sharing and researching more about them.

ufo sightings 2018