True Stories about UFO Sighting On Earth

Most of people believe that UFOs exist on World. Some people see huge objects fly with flashing lights in the sky; other people see strange bar-shaped objects, huge spherical object, bizarre object, mystery flying saucer, huge spaceship, doughnut shaped object, mysterious spiral lights. a few others encounters big eyed alien which is similar to Alien-Eyed cat in scary deep space. Do people think that it is true story about Aliens?

1. Alien Creature in Deep Space

image_thumb ( Source: Photo )

2. Mysterious Spiral Light


( Source : Photo )

3. Black Cylinder Shaped UFO Object

cigar shaped UFO (2) ( Source: Photo )

4. Mystery Flying Saucer

8bcf42da6b86f9732818a99c58cff0c2--alien-sightings-conspiracy ( Source: Photo )

5. Huge Spherical Object

240_F_116357525_pqw18SaLuUJPJ6YfH7SAnEz8a22UHLfx ( Source: Photo )

6. Huge Spaceship

huge spaceship ( Source: Photo )