Pretty outstanding owl photography

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jNIfzyXxqIJIKTMnLIPG_1082129427Kiss Me!! by Itamar Campos

"Reckless Abandon"A baby Burrowing Owl practices some early flight calisthenics in the morning.

Reckless Abandon by Peter Brannon

80oU8m4IQn7LaqNbxA4m_1082129587Intrigued by Alida Jorissen
gQMYXk3SJIP2WWx5f6pP_1082129601Brakes On, Gear Down by Henrik Nilsson
oDiPSlpoU-4vtnD9VlRn_1082129593Eagle Owl by Ronald Coulter
s6aDp9Q4V9GMINi7Cnn4_1082129565Totally Run Off My Feet by Austin Thomas
x7MGeCinciIvy264-9Wg_1082129609He Went That Way by Austin Thomas