Pretty lovely pointillism artist

While the majority of professionals use conventional materials like stationary things, Jihyun Park utilizes something throughout various, scent sticks. He blazes a large number of little openings on rice paper till he makes unmistakable pictures of hazes, landscapes. Known as Incense Collection, the last paintings are accumulated on sleek canvases.

The voids in the paper permit one’s visions to witness shadows the moment when the blank canvases reflect scenery illumination. If you are curious to see the pictures then go to the link and provide an eye on them to understand the skill of the craftsman. So have a look at artists that use pointillism today. If you are trying to check for landscapes artist, you have come on the best lading page.


0OaiYpnEjsF-LvuVlni5_jihyunpark03(Source: Drawing Center website)