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Frozen St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, Michigan, USA(Source: Charles Anderson)

(Source: Henrik Aleborg)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Alexander Riek)
Dave Gaylord(Source: Dave Gaylord)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Iain McConnell)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Ratul Maiti)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Nicolas Rottiers)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Veselin Malinov)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Fergal O’Callaghan)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Mary Kay)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Joe Daniel Price)
amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography(Source: Stefan Cruysberghs)