Extremely stunning when was color photography invented

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In this book you can experience several stunning photographs of America which are very much exclusive and lovely. So start looking for first color picture you always needed. If you’re browsing for oldest color photos, you have come on the right blog post.
Yu2XA3wxSxQsF3MStPJi_1065307239William Henry Jackson, Zuni Pueblo Indians, the Rain Dance, New Mexico, photochrom.
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Portland Head Light, Maine, photochrom.
001-029 000_1 intro corr SPH_ADI.inddCape Horn, Columbia River, photochrom.
PVANtu7BTqDafFdegVGm_1065307129Sunset from the Battery, New York, photochrom.
001-029 000_1 intro corr SPH_ADI.inddArch Rock, Mackinac Island, Michigan, photochrom.

001-029 000_1 intro corr SPH_ADI.inddChinese pharmacy, Chinatown, San Francisco, photochrom.
001-029 000_1 intro corr SPH_ADI.inddApache Chief James A. Garfield, photochrom.
5RpS40XrZr0aKV-5sgtt_1065307185Mount Lowe Railway, on the circular bridge, California, photochrom.