11 Tips To Improve a Marriage

The marriage is the very complicated problem of general people in the World. And this is no school to study this problem, so what I want to show you is just from the experiences of general people. There are several ways that may help you to save your marriage eternally:

1. Work By Yourself – Please remind yourself first, please start from yourself first. If you do your own efforts to make your marriage firmly, he or she will be proud of you and will follow it with you.

2. Presence – Please spend most of your time stay with him / her. Your presence will make him or her more happy, not feel so lonely. It is very important give the most time to your partner, the same as you give him / her the most of love.

3. Remind Love – Try to remind the love day in the past: giving your partner with flowers, haveing fantastic dinner, or things which you both used to do that can not forget in the past.

4. Sweet-talk – Be careful with your talking with each other. You should talk with your relationship in a sweet way. Although you are in anger, you should be calm down and use your words more polite.

5. Activity Better Than Words – If you want your love go smoothly, you should do more actions than your speaking. Don’t say: ‘I can fix it…or I will do this later….!’ Hence, you should avoid speaking these words, which can make your partner angry with you.

6. Praise – General people in the society will be so excited, when they heard you praise them, so you should try to

appreciate what your partner do or tell him or her about how good is him or her do, which will make him or her more confident.
7. Change of Situation – You should take your time from your work to visit interesting places. This will make your relationship more romantic.

8. Not Speak badly of Family – I recommend you not tell other people about your marriage trouble. It is not good at all that you tell sin sisamuth like this, and this is not helpful to you.

9. Tolerance – Everything will be go smooth, if you calm down your feelings and solve the problem gradually. After that you will see the consequence.

10. Giving a Chance – Start open your mind, try to forgive what your partner do wrong and advise him or her not to do like this. This point will very important that can make your marriage more strong.

11. Solving The Situation – Try to solve the trouble with each other. Take time to discuss how to work out this situation.