11 Rеаѕоnѕ Whу Yоu Dоn’t Have a Gіrlfrіеnd

1- You have no ambition. This is less about making money, but more about being an intelligent, and pursuing dreams and personal goals.

2- If you are complacent, working a dead end job, not striving for the next run higher, your game will also suffer.

3- you don’t take or ask women out on real dates. Instead you stick to parties, alcohol and trying to just have sex.

4- A nice date during the daytime can show her that you’re not about these things, and are ready for more of a commitment.

5- You’re too much of a nice guy, and by nice guy, I mean desperate.

6- As soon as she gives you any clue she is into you, her phone explodes with your texts. Instead she sees fear and anxiety.

7- You are terrible in bed. Instead of trying not to be selfish, you are.

8- You lack confidence. Man up! Take a chance, accept being able to be shot down, and try to ask the hottest girl in the room out.

9- You don’t make her feel special. There is too many things going on in your life, and by being self indulged you don’t listen to the opposite sex.

10- You don’t get out enough, or keep going to the same place, so you the same faces, and the same reason why you don’t have a girlfriend.

11- You are scared of getting hurt. A bad past relationship has tarnished you forever.